Hi guys!

After a long time with a broken wrist and cancelled shows we are now playing our very first live gig in ages!! It will happen this friday on ”After Work med Håkan Eng” at Knistad Herrgård where we’ll play a few acoustic songs along with an interview. The whole thing will be live streamed atwww.skö!

(The article on the link above is by the way not 100% correct as some of you may have noticed. Our album is called ”Greetings From Wonderland” and not ”Don’t Tell Me”, but the best thing is that Nora wasn’t even there when we had the interview) 😂

BC repis

Rock Camp

We are taking part in this awesome music camp for young girls in Skövde!

”Äntligen är det dags! Under tre dagar kommer världens bästa musikläger äga rum på Skultorps Fritidsgård. Tillsammans med grymma ledare och föreläsare vill vi genom kreativa workshops inspirera och motivera unga tjejer att få fart på sitt musikintresse!”


Pop- och Rockläger Skövde