The new official music video for Thank God It’s Friday is finally here! ⚡️

” We think ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ stands out from the rest of our songs, perhaps because it’s more catchy and easy to understand. It gets you into party mode and helps you endure the weekdays. We hope that many of you can relate to the lyrics since it’s about the ordinary life we all live. As well, with this song we also want to convey a message – to seize the moment and appreciate what you’ve got.

It’s absolutely one of our favorites from the upcoming album” ✊

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Hey guys!

It’s been a while since we published any relevant news, haha, but here’s a little something for you! Tomorrow we are entering a studio i Stockholm to record drums for our next album. Exciting right?!!? There will be a mix of songs that we wrote last year along with totally new ones that no one has ever heard before.

The plan is that we’ll be releasing it before summer and there will also be a new music video released, for at least one of the songs! So stay tuned and we’ll reveal more news for you soon. Allt the best! / BC ❤


It’s finally christmas time again! So insane how the time flies when you have fun. A year ago Moa was laying home with a broken arm and we had to cancel all of our shows. It’s incredible how fast she recovered and we are so blessed that we got to play the most amazing shows during the year. Peace & Love, Malmöfestivalen, Metallsvenskan, Vicious Rock and much much more! Now we are working on a new album and just settled the date for drum recording. This will take place in the beginning of next year and until then we’ll just bake some more cakes. Take care peeps ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Happy salami day guys! 🎈

We just found out that today, September the 7:th, is the official salami day. At least here in Sweden. And since none of us eat salami we have to celebrate in our own way.

A few months ago Moa and Nora casually talked on the phone when Nora turned away to scream ”ARE YOU EATING SALAMI IN THE BAD AGAIN?” to her boyfriend. It turned out that he enjoys eating salami in the bed and seems to be leaving big salami stains on the sheets. Then they wrote a song about it.

Please enjoy 🍕