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We are now finally home again after an awesome weekend at the Peace & Love festival in Borlänge! Tired, thirsty and broke – but so happy and blessed! Four super hot days with great music and greater people and three freezing cold nights in a tent. The gig was a blast and we would like to thank everyone who showed up and partied and sang along with us. We hope to see you soon again! 👊

And also, speaking of festivals, we would like to reach out to you all considering the horrible abuse that has been going on during the recent festivals in Sweden. We are so angry and devastated that this violence is happening and hope that we all together can put and end to this. Take care of each other and stick up for another. Peace and love ❤




Last Thursday we had quite a special gig at Metallsvenskan in Örebro where we, for the very first time, performed with an organist live!!! (Thank you Madde ❤️) It was extremely exciting to add another layer to our sound and we are planning to reveal new music for you soon. Until then – check out these videos of two fresh songs:

Stay cool 👌

After Work with Håkan Eng

So here you have it! The link to our first gig in a few months. As you may know we don’t actually like playing acoustic since it’s too hard to keep up with all the riffs and solos, haha, but we accepted the challenge and tried to remake the songs not to be quite as up tempo as usual. We also did an interview with Håkan about playing live, making an album and breaking bones. Start at 1:51:00.

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Hi guys!

After a long time with a broken wrist and cancelled shows we are now playing our very first live gig in ages!! It will happen this friday on ”After Work med Håkan Eng” at Knistad Herrgård where we’ll play a few acoustic songs along with an interview. The whole thing will be live streamed atwww.skö!

(The article on the link above is by the way not 100% correct as some of you may have noticed. Our album is called ”Greetings From Wonderland” and not ”Don’t Tell Me”, but the best thing is that Nora wasn’t even there when we had the interview) 😂

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