Happy salami day guys! 🎈

We just found out that today, September the 7:th, is the official salami day. At least here in Sweden. And since none of us eat salami we have to celebrate in our own way.

A few months ago Moa and Nora casually talked on the phone when Nora turned away to scream ”ARE YOU EATING SALAMI IN THE BAD AGAIN?” to her boyfriend. It turned out that he enjoys eating salami in the bed and seems to be leaving big salami stains on the sheets. Then they wrote a song about it.

Please enjoy 🍕

Rock Camp

We are taking part in this awesome music camp for young girls in Skövde!

”Äntligen är det dags! Under tre dagar kommer världens bästa musikläger äga rum på Skultorps Fritidsgård. Tillsammans med grymma ledare och föreläsare vill vi genom kreativa workshops inspirera och motivera unga tjejer att få fart på sitt musikintresse!”


Pop- och Rockläger Skövde


While I was home laying in bed for two months with my broken arm I discovered the MTV teenage series ”Teen Wolf” and totally fell in love. I watched all the seasons and that absolutely helped me going through the tough time that I had. The days and nights were upside down and I couldn’t move because of the pain from the metal things in my arm, but this series gave me an alternative reality to flee to. Well that sounds so damn cliché now, haha, but it’s so true! And the very first thing I wanted to do when I got better was making a cover of the theme song. So after I few weeks when I could move my fingers a little bit I tried to program some midi instruments and record some guitar. It was very hard but I am very proud of the result! Later on the Youtube channel ”Teen Wolf Music” shared my cover and I am so thankful for the totally awesome response!! This means so much to me 💕 /Moa


This year has been totally amazing.

Music video release, album release, Sweden Rock Festival, Putte i Parken, Minimello, new merchandise, epic birthdays, Melodifestivalen Final VIP, more awesome gigs and a whole bunch of new interesting collaborations. Thank you everyone involved, and you who have supported us this year. We are forever thankful and can’t wait for new surprises in 2016!

Take care! / BC ❤ 💪

Btw, the guitar arm is not broken anymore. Rehearsal here we come!!!!!!

Skärmavbild 2016-01-15 kl. 10.24.23


A new Vintage Guitar to the Browsing Collection family! 🎸

”Good versus evil, heaven versus hell, and the power of music in the universe to rise above it all as a force of good”

As some of you may know we are endorsed by the guitar label Vintage from the UK. This guitar is a replica of Clapton’s ”The Fool” which isn’t just the coolest and the most good looking guitar ever but it also has a great and interesting history! Check it out on the link below:

Clapton’s Fool




At the moment we are not able to play any live shows due to Moa’s arm fracture. But instead of laying down and cry we eat a lot of christmas ”fika” and make big plans for next year.  New merchandise is on the way and we are now planning for a new album! Soon we will also tell you more about the great news that we have an interesting friendship going on. More about it after christmas! Stay tuned, cheers!

bc christmas


Soo, this happened… And it sucks!

I just had to fall and land on my hand which gave me two fractures in the arm bone close to the wrist. As we all understand, there will be no more gigs for us the following months. We are very very sorry that we have to cancel the booked ones and are not able to plan for any more until march or april. But until then we might be working on a new album and can order new awesome merch!!

For now I will be wearing this heavy metal thing that is stuck into my bones straight through my skin. It hurts like hell, but it will hopefully turn out great! Take care guys! Love / Moa ❤️