Happy salami day guys! 🎈

We just found out that today, September the 7:th, is the official salami day. At least here in Sweden. And since none of us eat salami we have to celebrate in our own way.

A few months ago Moa and Nora casually talked on the phone when Nora turned away to scream ”ARE YOU EATING SALAMI IN THE BAD AGAIN?” to her boyfriend. It turned out that he enjoys eating salami in the bed and seems to be leaving big salami stains on the sheets. Then they wrote a song about it.

Please enjoy 🍕



Last Thursday we had quite a special gig at Metallsvenskan in Örebro where we, for the very first time, performed with an organist live!!! (Thank you Madde ❤️) It was extremely exciting to add another layer to our sound and we are planning to reveal new music for you soon. Until then – check out these videos of two fresh songs:

Stay cool 👌

After Work with Håkan Eng

So here you have it! The link to our first gig in a few months. As you may know we don’t actually like playing acoustic since it’s too hard to keep up with all the riffs and solos, haha, but we accepted the challenge and tried to remake the songs not to be quite as up tempo as usual. We also did an interview with Håkan about playing live, making an album and breaking bones. Start at 1:51:00.

Skärmavbild 2016-04-01 kl. 23.43.47


HAHA! Last summer we went to the super duper famous mall called Gekås in Ullared (Sweden) where Nora and Mimi were interviewed by a film crew that makes a TV series about the shopping centre. Yesterday the show was on TV 5!! Look how super cute these ladies look (are they twins???) when they talk about how handsome you look when you’re feeling comfortable! ❤



While I was home laying in bed for two months with my broken arm I discovered the MTV teenage series ”Teen Wolf” and totally fell in love. I watched all the seasons and that absolutely helped me going through the tough time that I had. The days and nights were upside down and I couldn’t move because of the pain from the metal things in my arm, but this series gave me an alternative reality to flee to. Well that sounds so damn cliché now, haha, but it’s so true! And the very first thing I wanted to do when I got better was making a cover of the theme song. So after I few weeks when I could move my fingers a little bit I tried to program some midi instruments and record some guitar. It was very hard but I am very proud of the result! Later on the Youtube channel ”Teen Wolf Music” shared my cover and I am so thankful for the totally awesome response!! This means so much to me 💕 /Moa


Unfortunately we didn’t go to the finals in Minimello, but we want to thank everyone involved and all of you who voted for us!! We reached over 200.000 votes and got the best review by the swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet! Read it here:

For you who missed Minimello, here you can watch the show over and over again:

Thanks again for this awesome experience! We had a blast! Minimello kicks ass!

Puss & Kram // BC