Our song ”Kan ni fatta!” was performed by ”BAM!” yesterday at the swedish television program Minimello! Now you need to vote for them so they can move on to the finals. Help them out! Just click on the heart a thousand times. Wihoii, go BAM!

Vote here:

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Skärmavbild 2015-10-23 kl. 20.24.34

Lots of love – BC ✨



These past few days, me and Mimi have been competing with a song called ”Mary The Icebreaker” in a music competition at our school and we ended up in third place!!!! Now the whole band has to practice it so we can play it on our shows for u guys! The title of the song is pretty funny because the song is about my and Moa’s mother. She used to work on a boat where she could se how the ice of the frozen sea broke into pieces. But that story wasn’t enough so we made up that Marianne (Mary) was the first to break the ice in the society. She was the first who stood up for herself and faced the problems that we have in our society today. She was the first to do something about it.

You should all be like Mary! Stand up for yourself and others. Take care of each other.

xoxo / Nora 

Today we kicked ass in Stockholm!


nora record union

Look who’s on the banner of Record Unions Facebook page!! 😍 This picture is taken at Putte i Parken 2015, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. Record Union made a contest where bands from all over the world applied, and we won!! Here is a video from the gig:


As we have told you before, our guitarist Moa is also doing chiptune music. Yesterday we went to see her at ”Skövde Näringslivsgala” where she performed her new song live!! For you guys who missed the show you can listen to the original song here:ärmavbild 2015-10-16 kl. 00.20.21

Skärmavbild 2015-10-16 kl. 00.21.26

Skärmavbild 2015-10-16 kl. 00.20.53




Hi there!! We just found out that The 8Bit Drummer has played one of our songs at a twitch session last week! It turns out one of our fans requested ”Don’t Tell Me” and here’s the result (at 21 min 15 sek):

To read more about this guy, visit his profile:

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