Last week me and Carro went to Malmö to watch Malmö FF against Shakhtar Donetsk! My mother had won a pair of VIP-tickets and since she totally HATES soccer we were very kind to her and took care of them (a).

So, the game was nice, but we enjoyed the awesome food in the VIP area as well! Three dishes and free drinks, omg that is dangerous… 😉 We had a great night!

/Moa 💕


As you may know, we are not only musicians who play live shows every weekend. We also like to arrange concerts for other people! Last thursday we contributed to the biggest music festival attempt in the world, called ”Världens Största Musikfestival” where every adult educational assiociation in Sweden pulled together a music concert in almost every city of the country.

This evening had a focus on gender, age and genre equality and we can assure you it was a blast! Moa took care of the administration part as the project leader, Carro was the sound engineer, Mimi handled the lights and Nora took care of the café and entrance.

A big THANK YOU to the bands, the crew and all of you who helped us out! /Looove BC 💜



Did you know we have he most awesome drummer? Not just because she spank the drumheads like a freakin’ godess but also because she is the best person I know at playing Dota2. Last week she was working as the sound engineer at Dreamleague with over 45.000 persons wathing the live stream on twitch!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Stay cool Carro! / Moa