While I was home laying in bed for two months with my broken arm I discovered the MTV teenage series ”Teen Wolf” and totally fell in love. I watched all the seasons and that absolutely helped me going through the tough time that I had. The days and nights were upside down and I couldn’t move because of the pain from the metal things in my arm, but this series gave me an alternative reality to flee to. Well that sounds so damn cliché now, haha, but it’s so true! And the very first thing I wanted to do when I got better was making a cover of the theme song. So after I few weeks when I could move my fingers a little bit I tried to program some midi instruments and record some guitar. It was very hard but I am very proud of the result! Later on the Youtube channel ”Teen Wolf Music” shared my cover and I am so thankful for the totally awesome response!! This means so much to me 💕 /Moa


Hi there!! We just found out that The 8Bit Drummer has played one of our songs at a twitch session last week! It turns out one of our fans requested ”Don’t Tell Me” and here’s the result (at 21 min 15 sek):

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