This year has been totally amazing.

Music video release, album release, Sweden Rock Festival, Putte i Parken, Minimello, new merchandise, epic birthdays, Melodifestivalen Final VIP, more awesome gigs and a whole bunch of new interesting collaborations. Thank you everyone involved, and you who have supported us this year. We are forever thankful and can’t wait for new surprises in 2016!

Take care! / BC ❤ 💪

Btw, the guitar arm is not broken anymore. Rehearsal here we come!!!!!!

Skärmavbild 2016-01-15 kl. 10.24.23


Soo, this happened… And it sucks!

I just had to fall and land on my hand which gave me two fractures in the arm bone close to the wrist. As we all understand, there will be no more gigs for us the following months. We are very very sorry that we have to cancel the booked ones and are not able to plan for any more until march or april. But until then we might be working on a new album and can order new awesome merch!!

For now I will be wearing this heavy metal thing that is stuck into my bones straight through my skin. It hurts like hell, but it will hopefully turn out great! Take care guys! Love / Moa ❤️


Last week me and Carro went to Malmö to watch Malmö FF against Shakhtar Donetsk! My mother had won a pair of VIP-tickets and since she totally HATES soccer we were very kind to her and took care of them (a).

So, the game was nice, but we enjoyed the awesome food in the VIP area as well! Three dishes and free drinks, omg that is dangerous… 😉 We had a great night!

/Moa 💕