Unfortunately we didn’t go to the finals in Minimello, but we want to thank everyone involved and all of you who voted for us!! We reached over 200.000 votes and got the best review by the swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet! Read it here:

For you who missed Minimello, here you can watch the show over and over again:

Thanks again for this awesome experience! We had a blast! Minimello kicks ass!

Puss & Kram // BC


Our song ”Kan ni fatta!” was performed by ”BAM!” yesterday at the swedish television program Minimello! Now you need to vote for them so they can move on to the finals. Help them out! Just click on the heart a thousand times. Wihoii, go BAM!

Vote here:

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Skärmavbild 2015-10-23 kl. 20.24.34

Lots of love – BC ✨


Woohooooooo, it’s official!! We will be a part of this year’s Minimello! So awesome!!

What is Minimello? Minimello is almost like the Eurovision Song Contest but for the smallest kids. We’ll contribute with one song on which we have recorded all the instruments and vocals. But we will not perform it by ourselves… It will be performed by a rock band of dolls made of toilet rolls! Suuuper cool! This will be broadcasted on swedish television SVT1 Friday the 23:th of October at 18.15 (swedish time). If you like our song ”Kan ni fatta” please vote for it! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!

Lots of lööööve! / BC 💕

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